March results AddSecure Eco-Driving Challenge

The Eco-Driving Challenge is growing, there are now more than 150 teams in the competition. See the leaderboard below!

Great improvements in the AddSecure Eco-Driving Challenge!

We have now seriously started the Eco-Driving race 2023 . In March we saw some good improvements on most markets coming from both better driving conditions and better driver behavior. We would also like to welcome a couple of new companies who recently joined the Eco-driving Challenge:

  • Ivan Sundgrens Åkeri (Sweden)
  • Gösta Johansson Åkeri (Sweden)
  • Henrik Skov Christensen (Denmark)
  • Wiréns Åkeri (Sweden)
  • Brevet Transports (France)
  • JH Transport & Logistics A/S (Denmark)
  • JVB Transports (France)
  • N.C. Christensen & Sønner A/S (Denmark)

There are now more than 150 teams in the Eco-Driving Challenge in 6 countries across Europe!

Great driver performance in March

In March we noted a good Eco-Driving average of 68,9. It is a bit lower than in February but better than last year at this time.

Lannepoudenx Transports, Axess Logistics DK and Danwerth Spedition acheived the best improvement in March compered with February, see below!

The companies/teams with the highest average index are presented in the table below.

The companies/teams with the best Eco-Driving Momentum are presented in the table below (improvement x number of drivers).

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