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AddSecure is inviting its customers to participate in our pan-European eco-driving challenge. Through participating you increase the momentum of your driver performance program and the positive publicity will position your company as a more green and sustainable organization.

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There are more than 11,000 drivers participating in the AddSecure Eco-Driving Challenge. The competition has been a great success since it was launched in 2017. Currently there are approximately 140 teams with more than 7,000 vehicles participating.

Sign up your company to participate through filling out the form below! The only prerequisite is that you use our Co-Driver solution and subscribe on the service Eco-Driving. We only publish the results about the leading companies in each country, so if you are not top performing you don’t need to be afraid of bad publicity.  During the competition AddSecure continuously updates a performance chart to keep all stakeholders informed about the competition’s developments. You find this chart at the Weboffice landing page and in our blog that we update every month. We also do some communication in Social Media about the leading companies in the competition. On the performance chart, the leaders in three categories are presented:

  1. Largest CO2-savings in absolute terms (“AddSecure Eco-Momentum”)
  2. Best eco-driving average score (based on 6 driving parameters)
  3. Best improvement of eco-driving index

You can participate with your whole company and with specific teams, based on the driver groups in Weboffice.

Once you have filled it out, we will contact you to inform you are part of the challenge!

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